Singleton’s St. Louis Wedding Photography by Roland Studios Photography

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

St. Louis wedding photographers Anna and Matt Roland of Roland Studios Photography recently shot the St. Louis wedding photography for Brett and Jen Singleton. Roland Studios Photography built a strong relationship with Brett and Jen from the initial consultation all the way through the wedding and it still continues today!

Roland Studios Photography worked closely with Jen throughout her planning process to help mold her special day and ensure it turned out perfectly when it came to her St. Louis wedding photography. Jen wanted assistance with her exit from the church, so we helped her brainstorm all kinds of ideas for her exit that would look amazing in her pictures. Jen really wanted to have a balloon release for her exit, but was too afraid of the implications on the environment it would have for so many balloons to be released. She instead went with bubbles, but the balloons gave Anna an idea. Jen had also put a lot of balloon pictures on her Pinterest page, so Anna wanted to create some stunning images using balloons for Jen’s St. Louis wedding photography.

Anna then decided to get the largest balloons on the face of the Earth!!! She went to Party City and got balloons so large that we could only fit four in our minivan, but that turned out perfectly for the small wedding party. Jen was so surprised when Anna opened the door and showed her the balloons.

Roland Studios Photography started our St. Louis wedding photography day at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel with the bride and groom to get their getting ready pictures and some quick group shots. Then we made our way to the Messiah Lutheran Church for some before pictures there and then shot the ceremony.

Then the fun began after the ceremony heading over to the fountain area of Tower Grove Park to play with the balloons. We started the St. Louis wedding photography with bridal shots, then the bride and groom before finishing with shots of the bridal party. They turned out just how we wanted them too for Jen and Brett!!!

After the shots at Tower Grove Park, we did a few more bride and groom shots at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel before heading up for the reception. During the reception, we were able to sneak the bride and groom out on the terrace for some more amazing shots overlooking Forest Park, before finishing the St. Louis wedding photography with shots of them leaving in the elevator.

Here are some shots from their day for you to enjoy!