Matt & Anna Photograph a Zoo Engagement Session in St. Louis, MO

Anna & Matt Roland, St. Louis engagement photographers, recently shot an engagement session at the St. Louis Zoological Park, commonly known as the St. Louis Zoo. We met with Lindsey Molander and Dan Myers early on Saturday to start our session at the South Gate of the St. Louis Zoo.

We began our session at the Conservation Carousel. Lindsey and Dan started out riding on the animals of the carousel, but because Lindsey decided to wear a dress and apparently there are rules against riding sidesaddle on the animals, we had to switch gears and hop on one of the benches instead. Even this was not one hundred percent legal due to the fact that Matt was “moving” around on the carousel while it was moving. Despite these minor setbacks, St. Louis engagement photographers Anna and Matt Roland were able to get some fun shots of the couple and one really cool shot of the couple standing and watching the spinning carousel!

Our next stop was the 1904 World’s Fair Bird Cage. We saw some amazing things while there including two different birds that were missing opposite wings! Lindsey commented that if they got together they could fly away… We were able to get some amazing shots of the couple and even had a special appearance by a velociraptor, a personal favorite of the couples!

We then moved on to hang out with the chimpanzees at the Jungle of the Apes. Lindsey got to straddle the giant ape statue, and St. Louis engagement photographers Anna and Matt Roland got some really cute pictures out of the poses!

After a quick stop by the Emerson Children’s Zoo where we got to witness goats butting heads and a few pictures of Dan and Lindsey with the animals, we finished our zoo tour at the River’s Edge. We stopped right inside the entrance and got some great shots by the waterfalls! The zoo shoot ended with some shots sitting on rocks surrounded with vegetation and then the shots Anna devised for the Save the Date cards.

Once we left the zoo, we headed for the Jewel Box in Forest Park. If you have never been to the Jewel Box before, you must go whether to take pictures or just to look around. It is truly a beautiful site to behold! With that said, the pictures that came from the Jewel Box were some of the best pictures of the day! St. Louis engagement photographers Anna and Matt Roland got some shots among the fauna on the floor and then shots in the balcony and the winding staircase.

Then we got to meet the third member of the family, Jaeger, their fluffy and very photogenic dog! We took all of the pictures outside of the Jewel Box, but had a multitude of different looks. We started with some of Jaeger sitting by himself, then some of Lindsey and Dan with him, then moved to shooting Jaeger close up with the couple further back in the background and then finished up around a huge tree outside of the Jewel Box.

It turned out to be a great day (although a little on the warm side) with some great pictures and we are so excited for October 26, 2013 to roll around to be their St. Louis wedding photographers!

Anna and Matt Roland

St. Louis engagement photograhers

Roland Studios Photography




St. Louis Engagement Photography for Heather & Danny

Anna and I had a lot of fun with Heather and Danny at the Missouri Botanical Garden on Saturday! It was St. Patrick’s Day so the happy couple had plans for the parade after we were done! We got started straight away and right from the beginning I knew this was going to be a great shoot! They were both naturals in front of the camera and all the poses we tried all came out perfect. We took a whirlwind tour around the Botanical Garden hitting most of the major attractions. After a couple of hours of shooting, we were all exhausted from trekking around the garden and taking so many pictures! We parted ways, Anna and I had another photo shoot to do and they had St. Patrick’s Day plans. The hardest part of the whole process was choosing the poses when we got home that night. It took a couple of days to decide which pictures to edit! With so many great shots, Anna and I were extremely happy with the outcome of the shoot as were the happy couple!