St. Louis Headshot Photographer Matt Roland Photographs Jeff Garner of Starting Point Real Estate

St. Louis headshot photographer Matt Roland of Roland Studios Photography recently worked with Jeff Garner of Starting Point Real Estate llc on some new headshots for an upcoming gig with 9s magazine. Jeff will be doing the Q&A for the real estate section of the magazine for a while.

Jeff has a boat load of real estate experience and has been working in the field for 20+ years, and was looking for a St. Louis headshot photographer. We got together and started planning right away for headshots and some full-body shots for possible future projects. We had to look for locations that would fit with his career and experience. We scouted a lot of different locations, but finally decided on Lafayette Square in St. Louis, MO. It had the history, architecture and feel we were looking for and a lot of options for shooting locations for a St. Louis headshot photographer.

We met at Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square, and that’s where we began the shoot at. We started in their cool back patio area shooting in front of the plants, and then finished with some of the best shots of the entire shoot sitting in one of their really stylish patio furniture.

Once we left Park Avenue Coffee, we walked east down Park Avenue looking for a brick wall to shoot at and ran into a wild turkey and her baby running around an open lot in the middle of Lafayette Square! I couldn’t resist taking a quick shot of such an anomaly in the middle of the city. We found our brick wall just east of the turkey at Square One Brewery. These turned out amazing and our favorite of the entire shoot.

We then ran right across the street and took a few shots at the fountain and area around it. It was oppressively hot outside, and the sun was baking us at this point making these photos out in the elements really difficult. We tried a few St. Louis headshot photographer tricks that made the sun less of an issue. After getting our shots around the fountain, we stopped by Jeff’s vehicle for a quick wardrobe change and then continued on to Lafayette Park to take the final shots of the session.

The first stop was at the brick building by the pond. We got a few good pics there using the texture of the metal coverings of the windows. We finished the shoot with a few shots on a bench in front of the pond. These turned out really cool with the water fountain in the background.

Look for Jeff and his new headshoot in upcoming issues of 9s magazine!

Matt Roland

St. Louis Headshot Photographer

Roland Studios Photography