Billy Goat Chip Product Photography

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Roland Studios Photography recently had the honor of working with a great local small business. The Billy Goat Chip Company hand produces artisan potato chips here in St. Louis, and we must say are the best potato chips we have ever tasted! They are a family favorite treat at our house and any family coming into town has to pick some up. If you have never had the opportunity to try Billy Goat Chips yet, make sure to treat yourself and pick up a bag as soon as possible!

The Billy Goat Chip company started in 2002 as a side for sandwiches at Lyons and Roth’s restaurant, The Billy Goat Restaurant & Bar. The owners sold the restaurant in 2008 to make potato chips full time. When Roland Studios Photography was contacted to work with such a great local small business, we jumped at the opportunity.

We started with the idea of a back-to-school themed product photography shoot to help inform current and potential customers of the small sized bags of Billy Goat Chips and their ease of use in school lunches. From there, we had to flesh it out into a full product photography shoot idea. We started by trying to research the genre online through Google and Pinterest, but apparently this idea had not been done before. This meant we were on our own and had to come up with the product photography shoot from scratch, so we did some research on Pinterest for back-to-school ideas. With a few ideas in hand that we could insert chips into the scene, we started shooting.

The product photography shoot began with a brown-paper lunch bag and two of the small bags of chips on a dark wood table with a black background. It was decided at that point that everything looked fine except the dark table. It just made things blend in more and not stand out like we wanted. So the decision was made to move to a lighter shooting table.












This looked a lot better, and the lighter tabletop made everything stand out like we had intended. With the base shot in hand, we moved on to the ideas we had come up with from the research we had done on Pinterest. This moved us to our first “keeper” shot of the session inserting an apple into the base shot. This was interesting and simple, but just did not scream back to school to us. This is when we came up with the idea of a school supply type of shot, so we added school supplies we had laying around to the scene. After playing around and moving a few things here and there, we had a shot that we thought looked pretty good! So we sent it over for approval…












From here we got some feedback that sent us in a slightly different direction. It was thought that the brown-paper lunch bag blended in too much with the small brown bags of the Billy Goat Chips, so we decided to move to a lunchbox instead. So we moved a few things around again to keep a similar look, but incorporate a metal lunchbox that would help the chips stand out. We felt at this point we had a pretty good product photography shot, but something was missing. That was when we thought a blackboard would MAKE this the perfect product photography shot! We then grabbed some chalkboard spray paint and made our own chalkboard. This got us to our final version of the shot that was approved and used by The Billy Goat Chip Company.

DSC_3997-Edit DSC_4007-Edit











For an added look into the product photography shoot, here is a shot of the setup from the product photography shoot!

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